Monday, January 6, 2014

Law of Attraction for Students

What is the biggest thing you fear in your life right now? Not being able to get into your college of choice? Not getting your dream job? Or not feeling happy about the future? A few years ago, a book called “Law of Attraction” took the world by storm. Amazingly, the book didn’t reveal any information you hadn’t heard before. Whether you read it in the Holy Bible or the motivational gurus of the 1990s, the concepts weren't new. On the other hand, it was good to be reminded of the possibilities for success.  But, how does the Law of Attraction affect the success of students? 

Edward Brown, M.S., of Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute provides answers to questions on how students can attract more success and happiness into their lives by reinventing themselves in their own image.

Q: Why do you believe the Law of Attraction gained so much momentum some years ago?

Brown: In short, it spoke to the core needs of individuals through great marketing. The docu-drama movie made you feel like something new was being revealed from the ancients.

Q: Did you buy all the hoopla?

Brown: Not really.  A friend of mine insisted that I had to download the movie and watch it right away. I think the movie was 90 minutes long. As I watched it, I was more floored about what my friend thought he saw than what I personally witnessed. Basically, the take away is that you are what you focus on all day. You attract what you want the most in life.

Q: That sounds pretty straightforward, what’s your argument?

Brown: Yes, it’s true that you need focused attention, but you also have to develop the necessary skills to succeed in life. Your ability to reflect a polished image, improve your communication skills, and enhance your critical thinking skills have everything to do with attracting the best in your life. I didn’t see enough of what the individual had to do to become a magnet for success.

Q: Maybe that’s the point. What an individual thinks about constantly makes all the difference in the world. Why is that a problem?

Brown: Researchers have said that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become world class at any activity. On average, it takes about 10 years to reach 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. If you don’t perform a deliberate act for 10 years or 10,000 hours, no matter what you think, you won't be world class according to this doctrine.

Q: How does this affect students?

Brown: If students find a subject or topic that they absolutely love, parents won’t have to remind them to practice or rehearse.  In fact, the reverse may happen. Parents will start complaining that the student is spending too much time on an activity. That is, parents who don’t understand the method for achieving greatness.

Q: Does it matter whether a student goes to an online college, technical college, or community college to be successful?

Brown: Not if the chosen curriculum lines up with your goals. Online, technical,and community colleges have received criticism in the past by traditional universities. However, if you look behind the motivation of traditional universities, they don't want competition from these colleges.  Any infringement on traditional universities, with respect to student enrollment, affects school profitability. 

As long as a student builds marketable skills that help a company make profits, that's all that's important.

Q: So, what is the method or steps for students to become more magnets for success?

  1. Search relentlessly for an interest that captures your imagination. Let it start out as general interest and the more inquisitive you become, the more specific it will become.
  2. Become a relentless reader. You will find everything you desire in the field of ideas within books.
  3. Create a mental image of what you look like as a success and start acting and dressing that way. The only truth that your mind is aware of, is the truth you tell it.
  4. Say “yes” to every opportunity that fits into your ideal self to achieve a specific goal.
  5. Live a frugal lifestyle that centers around your focal point. Everything bought in your life should be an investment into your long-term goals.
  6. Embrace solitude. You will be your own biggest cheerleader at first. No one will understand your goals and ideas. To succeed, the only voice that should speak and sound the loudest, is your own.
  7. Graduate from college to show a track record of achievement.
  8. Never give up until you win. We all will eventually get old. The only thing that counts in life is the choices you made.

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